What I Am Working On

What I Am Working On

So the main reason I have not been blogging lately is because I have been focusing on my creative writing. So what am I working on?

The Emperor’s Seal: A Touching Time Novel

This novel is already complete. I am basically just waiting on a cover. This is the start to a new series. It is a time travel historical romance. I’m still tweaking the blurb, but here is basically what it is about:

Peking, 1902

The Emperor’s Seal – the divine symbol of the Emperor on earth – is missing. The Empress will do whatever it takes to get it back. 

Jiayi has a gift – she can travel through time just by touching historical artifacts. More than anything, she wants to escape the clutches of the Empress and run away to a foreign land. Finding the Emperor’s Seal could be her only chance at freedom, but is she willing to risk the wrath of the Empress? 

Historian and wannabe archaeologist Zhihao has no love for the Empress or the Qing Dynasty, but when the Empress orders him to find the Emperor’s Seal in exchange for funding China’s first history museum, he cannot refuse. It is only after he accepts the assignment that he finds out the key to finding the seal lies in the hands of a palace slave. 

Murder in the Forbidden City – A Qing Dynasty Mystery

This novel is also complete and the start of a new series. My poor cover artist is under a lot of pressure right now, haha. I am in love with historical mysteries, but I couldn’t find any that were set in China or that had a Chinese heroine, so I wrote one.

Peking, 1870

When one of the Empress’s ladies-in-waiting is killed in the Forbidden City, she orders Inspector Gong to find the killer. Unfortunately, as a man, he is forbidden from entering the Inner Court! How is he supposed to solve a murder when he cannot visit the scene of the crime or talk to the women in the victim’s life? He won’t be able to solve this crime alone. 

The widowed Lady Li is devastated when she finds out about the murder of her sister-in-law, who was serving as the Empress’s lady-in-waiting. She is determined to discover who killed her, even if it means assisting the rude and obnoxious Inspector Gong. 

Together, will Lady Li and Inspector Gong be able to solve the crime before he – or she – strikes again?

The Bound-Foot Warrior Trilogy

This will be my first foray into YA fantasy, so I am working with a developmental editor. The books are still in the planning phase, but I am hoping to have at least the first book done by the end of the year. It is inspired by classic wuxia novels. While wuxia novels are really hard to find in English, if you like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you will like this series.

Like most young women her age, Xiaoyu has bound feet. But that doesn’t keep her from dreaming of being a great hero like those she has read about.

When her family is slaughtered and her home burned, Xiaoyu sets out on a quest to avenge her family and test the limits of what a young woman can accomplish when she has nothing to lose.

As the bearer of the Azure Sword of the Dragon, Xiaoyu has the fate of the empire in her hands. She can either overthrow the Emperor or protect him. Which will she choose?


Of course, like most writers, I have tons of ideas running through my head all the time and have so many folders on my computer with little snippets of ideas running around, but these are my priorities and what you will see published this year. I’m so so so so excited and hope you love them. Which one are you most looking forward to?

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