Great Tips For Traveling While Vegetarian

Great Tips For Traveling While Vegetarian

Traveling if you’re on a vegetarian diet isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. Thankfully, you can now easily go online and find more information about the new places that you want to visit. You can plan ahead and see what kinds of dishes are available and applicable to your vegetarian diet.

Before you start packing for your next trip, here are a few tips to help you enjoy your travel without ruining your eating habits.

  1. Know the culture of the country you are planning to visit. Most Asian countries serve a wide variety of healthy foods but the ingredients may be different from what you are used to. Understand how they usually cook their food and check if they can serve meals according to your vegetarian diet.
  2. Understand their menu. When you go to a restaurant (especially in Asia), it’s likely that you’ll get confused with the name of their dishes. Search for their common dishes so you have a better idea of what dishes to order once you get there.  
  3. Check the ingredients of the country’s vegan and vegetarian meals. It can be hard to communicate in English when you are in another country. They may not understand your vegetarian diet and as a result, you will end up with some foods that you are unable to eat.

    Check the local restaurants. Search for restaurants that serve vegetarian meals. Most vegetarians say that it is easy to find vegan breakfasts and lunches in Japan, as well as other parts of Asia. As a quick tip, know if Buddhism is being practiced in the country you’re traveling to. China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and other Asian countries are home to some of the world’s biggest Buddhist groups, so you’re sure to find good vegetarian meals there.

  5. Pack your snacks and bring them wherever you go. Packing your own food is the best way to stick to your vegetarian diet while traveling. Walking around a new city can be exhilarating, but it can tire you out as well. Thus, it’s safe to keep your stomach full while visiting different spots to avoid giving in to the temptation of eating whatever you find available while on the road.
  6. Check out the pictures on menus. One of the safest ways to eat in China (as well as in Hong Kong and Macau) is to look for a menu that has pictures. If you don’t understand the names of the dishes, pictures can help you determine what food to order.

    Learn some foreign phrases in the country you are visiting. Know the words that will help you order the food of your choice. You can’t expect everyone to understand your vegan diet, especially when you can’t explain what kind of foods are you looking for. By learning a few phrases from another language, you can easily place an order if you know the names of the foods that you like.

  8. Ask your hotel or hostel for recommendations. They can provide you a wealth of information regarding their local cuisine.
  9. If you have the budget, look for hotels or hostels that feature a kitchen. That way, you can cook your own food and store your healthy snacks if you don’t find any local dishes to your liking.
  10. Dine with local vegetarians. You can check out vegetarian forums online and meet with them. They can tell you about some great spots that serve healthy meals.
  11. Bring some hot sauce and spices with you. Sauce and spices can enhance the taste, which can help a lot when the local dish is too bland for your taste buds.
  12. Explore the local markets. They can offer more variety of healthy foods at cheaper prices. You’d be surprised at the local fruits, vegetables, bread, and other vegetarian meals you’ll discover.
  13. If you’ll be traveling by air, make sure to indicate that you prefer a vegetarian or vegan meal when booking your flight. You don’t want to be stuck with a non-vegetarian meal and find yourself starving on your way to your destination.

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