Guest Post – Top 3 Holiday Destinations to Visit in China with Kids

Guest Post – Top 3 Holiday Destinations to Visit in China with Kids

Families have so many choices when it comes to destinations for their vacations.  They can choose to travel to the Caribbean, Paris, or take one of the amazing Halong Bay Tours.  However, some families will decide that they want to visit China, a country so massive and diverse, yet filled with a plethora of activities that will keep them engaged and yearning for more.

Here are 3 holiday destinations to visit in China with kids:

  1. Beijing

Beijing is the most popular tourist destination in China, which shouldn’t be a surprise since there are multiple historical attractions located there.  Families can begin their day at the Forbidden City, which is a palace complex that was the former seat of the Imperial Chinese Dragon Throne.  The Palace Museum is now inside the building and currently there are more than a million rare and valuable works of art within the permanent collection.  A tour of the Forbidden City is a must while in Beijing as it shares the true history of the country.  Everyone will enter through The Gate of Heavenly Peace, or Tian’anmen, and then walk across the square towards the main entrance of the palace.  The outer court is comprised of three buildings and side gardens, while the inner court has three main structures, six eastern palaces, six western palaces, the Imperial Garden, and The Mental Cultivation Hall.

The Summer Palace is an Imperial Garden that entire families will enjoy seeing while they are visiting Beijing.  This beautiful and stunning masterpiece was first built in 1750, however, it was destroyed by the war in 1860.  The original foundation was used to completely restore everything back to its original glory in 1886 and people can still walk around the grounds today enjoying the spectacular views while contemplating any of their spiritual thoughts.  The hills, lakes, and the islands are all natural items within the gardens, but the pavilions, palaces, temples, halls, and bridges have all been built to add to the ambiance of the area.

Children need to be able to move freely throughout the day, and that is why stops at places like The Great Wall of China are so important.  The Great Wall of China was built from east to west along the northern borders of the country, so that nomadic groups could not invade or attack.  Various walls were built over the years and the one that is still in existence today is from the Ming Dynasty.  Beijing is the best place to see this wall, as that portion has been well maintained.  Families will enjoy walking along the wall and may even want to take a snack along with them for the hike.

  1. Chengdu

The one fabulous thing that can be found in Chengdu that every family member will love is giant pandas.  The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding allows people to visit and interact with the giant pandas.  Children of all ages will love touching and feeding the pandas, and no one will be able to resist having their photo taken with these cute adorable furry creatures!

One of the tricky parts of traveling to destinations unknown is the food.  Sometimes picky eaters will be a little leery of trying new things, but in Chengdu, everyone will be ready to eat the Chinese baozi.  Chinese baozi, which are also known as sweet dumplings in Chengdu, are buns that are filled with meat or vegetables and then steamed, or pan fried.  In Chengdu, they fill the buns with pork mixed with ginger sauce and chicken stock, which accounts for their sweetness.

There are many other activities that children will love in Chengdu including Jin Li Street with the peddler markets, teahouses, temples, and bridges that cross over the river.  At the market, families will find Tibetan clothing, cultural artifacts, and even live frogs for sale.

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is filled with numerous outdoor destinations including parks, nature reserves, and of course, the infamous Victoria Peak.  This mountain is more affectionally known as The Peak and it is 1,811 feet high.  That makes it the highest mountain in Hong Kong, but unfortunately, no one from the public can climb up to the summit.  However, everyone is welcome to venture through the surrounding public parks that have the same name.  Those areas can be reached via the Peak Tram that opened in 1888, and families will be amazed at the breathtaking panoramic views that they see during their ride.  They will be able to spend time at The Peak Tower and The Peak Galleria, where they can stand on the observation deck or go shopping at the retail outlets.  The Peak Circle Walk offers even more views as well as a way for children to work off some of their energy.

Families will find plenty to do in Causeway Bay, and while they can walk the streets, they may want to consider hopping onto the Ding Dong for a little ride.  A seat on the upper deck will allow everyone to enjoy the views and see where everything is, despite the fact that it won’t get anyone where they need to be any faster than walking would.

The Tin Hau Temple can be found easily as it stands out amongst all the skyscrapers in the area.  It was built more than one hundred and fifty years ago and it is still a full functioning temple today.  It has a nice garden that families can enter for some quiet in the middle of the day.

If the children are getting a little restless, then it is time to take them to Victoria Park for a little time to unwind.  They can take a lap on the jogging trail, eat a snack, or even take a little nap next to the fountain.

Older children always love to go shopping, and Causeway Bay has massive shopping malls, local stores, high-end fashion designers, and affordable clothing brands.  There are even stores selling electronics and household items, so there is going to be an item on everyone’s list.

These three destinations in China are perfect for family holidays as there is quite a bit to do and see in the areas.  The children will have fun while exploring and working off their energy, and the parents will enjoy learning about the history and culture of this fascinating country.  There are not too many places where both parents and kids will enjoy their holidays, but China and these cities seem to make this a possibility.

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