What is Crazy Dumplings? Dumplings are found throughout Asia and in Chinese restaurants and kitchens around the world, but have you ever filled a dumpling wrapper with chicken? Lobster? North American Plains Bison? Hardly anyone has! My Crazy Dumplings book series features hundreds of recipes with some of the craziest and most delicious dumpling filling recipes you will ever see.

The Original Crazy Dumplings Cookbook

The Crazy Dumplings Cookbook features over 100 recipes with some of the craziest and most delicious dumpling filling recipes you will ever see. From Chicken Taquito Dumplings to Timey-Wimey Dumplings to a dumpling for your dog, Crazy Dumplings will show you all the crazy things you can stuff into a dumpling wrapper for an easy meal or snack.

Crazy Dumplings Cover

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Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger

Crazy Dumplings is back and is even crazier than ever! Dumplings from around the world and the most unique combinations of ingredients come together in Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger. From Thailand, Vietnam, India, and of course across China, traditional snacks are given a new twist when stuffed into dumpling wrappers. Sweet, savory, spicy, and all delicious, Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger will take you where your taste buds have never been before!

Dumplings II Front

For Paperback Version: $12.99

Mobi Version: $3.99

ePub Version: $3.99

PDF Version: $3.99

Threads of Silk

When I was a child, I thought my destiny was to live and die on the banks of the Xiangjiang River as my family had done for generations. I never imagined that my life would lead me to the Forbidden City and the court of China’s last Empress.

Born in the middle of nowhere, Yaqian, a little embroidery girl from Hunan Province, finds her way to the imperial court, a place of intrigue, desire, and treachery. From the bed of an Emperor, the heart of a Prince, and the right side of an Empress, Yaqian weaves her way through the most turbulent decades of China’s history and witnesses the fall of the Qing Dynasty.


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The Crazy Dumplinger
The Crazy Dumplinger is the ultimate dumpling making tool! The Dumplinger cuts your dumpling wrappers the same size every time and then helps you seal your dumplings with a pretty crimp! The Dumplinger can also be used to make any pocket food such as empanadas or Cornish pasties.
Plushy Dumplings
Plushy Dumplings
Take your dumplings with your wherever you go! These cute plushy dumplings have an attached lanyard so you can attach them to your phone or bag. You will receive one RANDOM color dumpling. You can request a specific color, but they are subject to availablity. If you order multiple dumplings, we will make sure each is a different color. They are roughly 6 cm tall.
Crazy Dumplings Tote Bag
Crazy Dumplings Tote Bag
Proclaim your love of dumplings to the world with this Crazy Dumplings tote bag! Reusable tote bags are good for the environment. The tote is 12" wide at the top and 10" tall.