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Christmas With Chinese Characteristics

Christmas With Chinese Characteristics

Christmas Tree with HongbaoMulan Mushu Christmas OrnamentLast year at this time, we were only focused on bringing our little girl home, and we’ve never been big Christmas people, so we had just a pitiful little tree and bought some gifts for our little girl at the last minute. So this year I decided to put a lot more effort into the holiday to start making traditions for our growing family.

I’m calling our theme “Christmas with Chinese Characteristics.” For our tree, the main color is red and I included my Mulan and Mushu inspired ornaments that I got at Disney World when we were there this summer.

I have also hidden hongbao in the tree with different amounts of money in them. On Christmas day everyone will pick a hongbao and get either a little bit of money or a lot of bit of money.

I also used hongbao as tags on the gifts. I taped the flap to the boxes so you just flip them up to see who gets the box. I’m not the most crafty person, but I really like the hongbao gift tags. Of course, I buy my hongbao here in China, but You can find lots of hongbao on Amazon.

Hongbao Christmas Gift Tags

The pièce de résistance of the tree, though, is our Monkey King tree topper. He is actually a puppet that I got at Silver Dollar City many years ago. He is the protector of the tree, warding away destructive cats and kids.

Monkey King Christmas Tree Topper

After Christmas, I plan to keep the tree up and convert it into a Chinese New Year tree. I am going to replace a lot of the ornaments with little lanterns and hopefully find some small oranges I can attach to the tree. I’ll have to add a lot more hongbao as well.

So what do you think? Do you try to incorporate Chinese elements into your holiday celebrations? Let me what you do in the comments!

Two Americans in China And Growing!

Two Americans in China And Growing!

We finally have our little girl home! She came home a week before Christmas, so we did the obligatory Christmas pictures.

People keep asking me how I feel, if I feel different somehow. Other than having issues balancing taking care of a kid and working from home, Seth and I don’t really feel different. I think we just waited and planned for this for so long, finally bringing her home was just natural – it was just right.

We are very happy to finally have our little girl home and we can’t wait to watch her – and our family – grow. We are still getting to know her, but she loves music and the color red!

If you want to know more adoption – especially expat adoption – feel free to ask questions in the comments section or email me. I’m more than happy to help other people grow their families through adoption.

I know that on the global stage, 2016 was terrible. But for us personally, 2016 was amazing. I had three books published, I started my own publishing company, I quit my “day job” and am able to work from home full-time, we traveled to Vietnam and Japan, and we topped it off by bringing our first baby home! 2017 will have a lot to live up to! I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Happy New Year!

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Check out our new shop!

Check out our new shop!

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I’ve been wanting to open an online shop here on the blog for a while, but I imagined it would be a really difficult thing. Apparently, with WordPress, it’s very easy! Check it my new shop here.  Just click on “Crazy Products” at the top of the page, select your items, then click on “checkout” under “Crazy Products” and complete the checkout process. All payments are processed through Paypal, but once you set up a Paypal account you can pay with a credit card or directly through your bank.

The Perfect Christmas Present

Amazing Dumplinger
The Amazing Dumplinger

My awesome in-laws just finished mailing out all of the rewards from my Crazy Dumplings Kickstarter, and we had a few items leftover. So I made 10 gift sets that include 1 paperback book, 1 dumplinger, and 1 paper-cutting bookmark. For only $21.95, you get all three items! The books are retailing for $20.95 on Amazon, so by buying them directly from me in this package, you are almost getting the dumplinger and bookmark for free. It is such a great deal!

The gift set is only available for shipping in the 48 continental United States. Sorry, but I’m still figuring out how to work the shipping options and I don’t know if any international packages would arrive in time for Christmas.

You can also purchase the eBook version of Crazy Dumplings in a variety of formats.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me get my book published. I am very proud of it and so happy it is now getting into people’s hands! Happy Holidays, everyone, and may your dumplings ever be crazy!

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