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Crazy Dumplings II – Final Days!

Crazy Dumplings II – Final Days!

Hard to believe the Crazy Dumplings II Kickstarter campaign is almost over! There are only 4 days left for you to back Crazy Dumplings II and get some great backer rewards. So if you haven’t backed us already, what are you waiting for?

If you back, you’ll get a Thank You from me (along with a really awesome cookbook!) just like all these awesome people:

Just some of our awesome backer rewards!
Just some of our awesome backer rewards!

Heather Morgan, Kathleen Young Tejeda, Brendan Clougherty, Richard Telford, Erin Foster, João Paulo Bonatelli, Julia Jimenez, McCloud!, Joschka Schaffner, Jolene Schleicher, Florian Schupp, David Krouse, Holly Brown BSc Hons, SKDouglass, Alvin Vincent Leung, Shaunda L Bowman, Eric, John Rommel, Shelly Wright, Kerry, Jose C. Pombo, Andreas Clauss, Dan Pierson, Bob S., Hector Vega, Karren Orozco, Welmoed Sisson, Mike, Thomas Mögel, Alex Charles, Richard Glenn-Reller, Sara Chitown, Andrea L, Cesar De La Riva, Thuong Tran, SK, Gloria Salvetti, Tobias, Trisha Seaman, John Clayton, Elisha Alford, Skye Norton, Jason Graffius, The Thornton Bros., Alan Walendowski, Cole Whitney, James Hutton, Neville Isles, Nick Jardine, Jared Lovett, Angelica Garrison, Paul Arpaia, Catherine Croft, Anna Hoener, Amanda Miller, Gil Pettingell, Steven Cullity, Týna Dvořáková, Saruta, No one important, Joan T. Masters, Tanya Noreen, Chris Johnson, Eric White, Jessica Weinberg, Alison Radzun, Erin Day, Steve, Abby, Big Bad Boston, Scott Bain, Reece liddicoat, Jess, Anthony, Samantha Meyer, cheryl koval, Savannah Koolaidria Chasing Hawk, Keith Travis, Amanda Wallace, Matthew Pemble, R van Haften, Kevin Chan, Andrew, Viktor J., Kelley Ross, Ruediger Zapf, Jim Bryan, Bill Johnson, Andrew McCarthy, benoita74, Laura Beasley, Ian ‘Smurf’ Murphy, Michelle Wang, Nicole Prince, Seow Wan Yi, GloriousDelicious, Landan Smith, Rebecca Dominguez, Bryan Pace, Breeann Napotnik, Ahmed Mainul Bari, Jean Lee MC, BlackMagicM66, Kimberley Timmings, Steven Rychetnik, Marcus Reed, Angela Day, Benjamin Leow, Sarah, Rich Hussein Gibson, Gunnar Heide Aadland, Arnel, Tristan Hams, Daniel Connolly, montage hix, Julie Viens, ryan mucklin, Katt, Alana Wolfgang-Duran, Steve Eldridge, L. P., Leah Zelnick, and Breánna Hope.

In case you missed it, I have shared some interesting updates through the campaign as well. I got a little person in “Who Are the Two Americans in China?” and shared a recipe inspired by my recent trip to Vietnam in “It’s Over 9,000! Enjoy This Vietnamese-Inspired Dumpling!” Both of those updates are available to everyone, not just backers, so check them out and let me know what you think.

I’m so excited for how well this campaign has gone, and I can’t wait to collect the backer-submitted recipes (check out the $40 reward level!) and put the finishing touches on the book. But it’s not over yet! We still need all the support we can get during the final days, so please support us by backing Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger or by sharing the campaign on Facebook and Twitter to help us get the word out!

To back Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger on Kickstarter click here

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Crazy Dumplings II – Crazy Second Week!

Crazy Dumplings II – Crazy Second Week!

We had such an amazing second week on Kickstarter! We passed 200% funded and we are now sitting at over $7,000 raised! The best part is that means I have presold almost 300 copies of Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger! That is so amazing and really means a lot to me as a writer.

I have to first thank all of our new backers!

Crazy-Dumplings-2_01aKeith Stattenfield, Jay Towslee, Susan Livingston, Marc7454, Maji, Jupiter Linger, Dakota Lambert, Sheldon Radcliff, Michael Salter, Daniel Einschlag, Kristie Macris, Jacob Philip Gordon Burke, Robyn Doig, Joseph Seliga, Theresa Tang, Bonnie Ward, Dimitri van Dijk, William Sanders, 20drigo Perez [Mx], Kaitlin McNamara, Judy Ospital, Aaron White, Gerry Lee, Jared Ruocco, Bucky, Justin Voris, Amy Sept, Chris Aikens, Fabrice Armisen, Felicia, ben Shultz, Megz Cantara, Katy Hill, Dan Palmer, Amy Stewart, Charlotte Gauthier, Mike K, Kyle Klems, Michael Kroeker, Christian Kolesa, Bvs, Jules Thrumble, James Moe, Rachel Droessler, Tdonta, Amanda Morey, Alexandra Arias, Chase Meyers, Tim James, Samantha Dorr, Mark forshey, Jason, Jeff, Aleksandra, Zander, Stacy Blois, Alex McKennariey, Annie Sylvain, Vonny Pramono, Raquel Orozco, Alison Nelson, Aureus, Dan Kinder, Clif Blanchard, Nick Wang, Sarah Alhas, Sarah Reeves, Nigel Perera, Alexander Hawson, Ben Grabham, P. D. Jacobs, Angela Chatha, matthew k hardin, jolene forgey, Amanda Bell, Rosalie Reyes, Jasmine Sys, Ruth Hartstein, Chris Edwards, Greg Schwartz, Megan Trahan, John Long, Kathryn Zinman, Dan F, Susannah, Aniril, Richard Daley, Jason Griffin, Ruud van Ierland, Mark Brown, Sophie Tinz, Tara Fowler, Rachael LaMielle, sarah golon, Ron H, Benjamin Lee, Michael Wessel, Matt, scott homann, Michael Newlyn Blake and Billy Ingle.

I shared a couple of BACKER ONLY recipes, and I’ll share a few more this week, so if you want to see what those are, you will have to become a backer.

I also wanted to share a couple of other really cool Kickstarter projects with you. Click on the images to view the projects.

The sophomore issue of Banana Magazine–a publication dedicated to all things AZN
The sophomore issue of Banana Magazine–a publication dedicated to all things AZN
A new jumbo-sized ramen guide with 42 Japanese ramen recipes with distinctive regional flavors in Japan.
A new jumbo-sized ramen guide with 42 Japanese ramen recipes with distinctive regional flavors in Japan.
We want to bring the dumpling emoji to life and pave the way for a more inclusive catalog of emojis.
We want to bring the dumpling emoji to life and pave the way for a more inclusive catalog of emojis.










This is such a busy time for me. Monday is Chinese New Year, so be sure to join the Chinese New Year Blog Hop. I’ll be spending the holiday in Vietnam. It will be my first time there so I’m very excited. I can’t wait to come back with a ton of new pictures and maybe a few dumpling recipes! Be sure to check out our Giveaways page, because we have a couple of things going on there and a couple more will be added next week as part of the Blog Hop.

Of course, all of this is on top of hopefully welcoming our first child this summer. I’ll post an update about that soon. I wish I had more to share on that, but all the waiting and paperwork just make for terribly boring writing; however, I am sure some of my readers would like an update. So stay tuned!

To back Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger on Kickstarter click here

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Crazy Dumplings II – Awesome First Week!

Crazy Dumplings II – Awesome First Week!

Crazy Dumplings II had an awesome first week on Kickstarter! We reached our goal in less than 5 days, and then blew past it, raising 150% of our goal in just 7 days! We have over 170 backers and were named as a Staff Pick! If anyone has done a Kickstarter before, you know how important being a Staff Pick can be. Over 40 of our backers found us after checking out the Staff Pick pages.

Crazy-Dumplings-2_03aWe had A LOT of returning backers, which is so amazing! That means not only did they like the first Crazy Dumplings cookbook, they came back for seconds! To celebrate hitting our goal, I posted a new dumpling recipe. You can see it here and try it for yourself.

I have to give a shout-out to all of our amazing backers so far:

Madisen Trueg, Vidya, Sarah Mosley, ATH, evan, Hazel O’Keeffe, Aimee Smith, Gail, Nathan Kellen, Joshua Martin, Brandon Marris, Lisa Eyers, tofuji, Tim Meakins, Daniel, Sara, Amy, Pamela Izzo, Vincent Briamonte Jr, Jessica Zhu, Alex Tsue, Joshua, Mj, DeHart, Daniel Moo, Bruce Bellak, Marco Seidel, Ineke Allez, Ruben Schäfer-Baehre, Dawn Smith, Tyler Whitlock, Josh, Ellen, Richard Fresow, Theresa, Breanna Gallagher, Devin, Roxy Pope, Melissa Smith, MDrake42, Kelly Kohagura, Duke Games, Drew, Stiemke, Dwight Bishop, Kelly Beecher, Vivianne Audiss, Chris Sandy, Alistair, Kristin, Rabon, Heather Hostetler, ryan Harrison, Thilo, Keba Jackson, Megan, Brandon, Jablonski, Rob Steinberger, Daniel Munday, Koendert Ruifrok, Laura Lundy, Nicole, Pelchat, Seth Anderson, Krista, James Mattly, Bob T Kozono, Shane barker, William Hall, Evonne Okafor, Flint, Xander, Jessica Slavik, Laurie Kibbe, Arimenthe, Angela Pritchett, Celeste Tamura, Kelly, Aaron Beard, Stephie I., Amelia McLearan Hite, Sara H. Lappi, Damian Morgan, Johan Buts, Carrie Lillie-Lugo, Stephenie C-L, kyle trudel, Rebekah Bernard, J.A.W., Hilla-Mari Heikkilä, Shauna Ratliff, Regan Smith, Dean Gillis, Sara Doty, Erin Rowett, Alison Benowitz, Rebecca Dixon, Ahad Al Saud, Joan Schulz, Tina Young, Jessica Dulin, David Miller, jenelle campion, Josh Garneau, Tina Tipton, Visalachy Sittampalam, Camey, Jonathon ‘jono’ Zachariah, Willhameena power, Eileen LaBoone, Aline Hong, John Gillespie, Cristie Fagnano, Rachel Alystine, Danielle Greene, Dane, Cullen Gilchrist, Bruce Martin, Heather Whittaker, Marina Turovsky, Carolyn Brindle, ExecutionGlitch, Ludvig Carleson, Dan Canzonieri, Louise, Alex Ambers, Dan Rothstein, Burgin Howdeshell, Stefanie, oliver, Zach B., AC, Jonas Claumarch, Jen Brown, Robert McKeagney, Vincent B. Donadio, Jacob Cord, Neil Graham, Frank Cernik, Stine, Aaron B, Ted Beyer, James McKendrew, Victor A Eichhorn, P-P-P-P-Powerbook, Mark Henderson, Sinzor, Joseph Moyer, Donna Nutter, Daniel Lanigan, Gearsoul, Kit Wickliff, Eileen Hendriksen, Steffen Heise, Keith Solomon, Timo Glander, Max, Lenaldo Branco Rocha, Margaret St. John, Stefan Winkler, Black Squadron Monkey King 42, David Spaxman, Geoff Peterson, Marijo Yates, Rob Coke, H J, Luke Otlang, Scott Loonan, Jaime Ruiz-Morales, Sören Koch, Amy, Michael Brand, Nicholas Smillie, James, Tom Wardill, Kate Scott, MrsDHaggis, Kim Dyer, Thierry Corlieto.

Who else wants to join the list? Jump over to Kickstarter right now and back Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger right now!

Crazy Dumplings II is now on Kickstarter!

Crazy Dumplings II is now on Kickstarter!

Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger is now on Kickstarter!

Dumplings II Front CroppedDumplings from around the world and the most unique combinations of ingredients come together in Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger. From Thailand, Vietnam, India, and of course across China, traditional snacks are given a new twist when stuffed into dumpling wrappers. Sweet, savory, spicy, and all delicious, Crazy Dumplings II: Even Dumplinger will take you where your taste buds have never been before!

After the success of last year’s Crazy Dumplings Cookbook, I can’t get dumplings off my mind. Every time I come across a new recipe, the first thing I think is “how can I turn this into a dumpling?” So I’m back with dozens of crazy new dumpling recipes you will want to try!

China’s favored dish, the dumpling (jiaozi in Chinese), can be found on every street corner, in every restaurant, and in every kitchen in China, but they are all pretty much prepared the same way: a bit of meat, some garlic and ginger, and a bit of vegetables if you’re lucky. Even a visit to the freezer section at any grocery store displays hundreds of packages of dumplings that all look and taste the same.

But the dumpling is so versatile! Have you ever tried stuffing a dumpling with chicken? Pesto? Egg tart filling? No? Hardly anyone has! My cookbook, Crazy Dumplings II, takes this simple staple food and prepares it in ways you never thought possible! From Avocado Chipotle Dumplings to Lamb Pomegranate Dumplings to Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dumplings, a world of foods is available to you in an easy dumpling wrapper with Crazy Dumplings.

About the Book

Crazy Dumplings II will contain dozens of new recipes plus dumpling recipes submitted by backers, the dumpling wrapper recipe, and several original sauce and dip recipes such as Avocado Lime Sauce and Honey Chipotle Sauce. There are dumpling recipes for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. I have done my best to include some vegetarian recipes, but dumplings are so versatile, you can turn almost any recipe in the book vegetarian, and the book will explain how!

About the Campaign

There are lots of new Backer Rewards, including an updated Amazing Dumplinger and adorable Plushy Dumplings!

smaler smaller









You can also get last year’s original Crazy Dumplings Cookbook at a discounted rate!
print cover 2

I’ll also be sharing lots of new dumpling recipes only with Kickstarter backers, so click here to hurry over to Kickstarter and back Crazy Dumpings II: Even Dumplinger right now!

We Did It! Crazy Dumplings Are Coming!

We Did It! Crazy Dumplings Are Coming!

we did it

We did it! We reached our funding goal in only 7 days, but then we completely blew past any expectations to exceed $9,000 (including a few backers from outside Kickstarter) and got almost 450 backers! Woo hoo! There is still a lot of work ahead. I am waiting to get recipe ideas from backers and I will have to test them out, so it might still be a month or two before the final version of the book is ready, but you can look at past posts to see some of the dumpling recipes already out there. I have just sent out the backer surveys, so I am looking forward to getting all the information organized and other thank you gifts ready to send out.

Here is one final shout out to the last of the amazing Crazy Dumpling backers. Thank you, Melanie, Jerome Lim, Kaitlin McNamara, Agostino, Jared Laforge, Francisco Martinez, Zinnia, Scott Hill, Kyle Turner, Allison Ko, Josephine Cuyugan, Ted Beyer, Brandon Inoue, Gail, Matthew Morgan, Wang Tien, Daniel Freytes, Chris Hardham, Shannon Sailer, Brittany Miller, Carl Gilchrist, Camey, Laurent Desmecht, Suzanne St Thomas, Zirui, Adrienne Hood, sonja weber, Claire Lewis, The Cleaver Quarterly, Alistair, Nicholas Smillie, Ivan Sanchez, Michaela Leszkovich, Vincent B. Donadio, Katharine, Alex, Charlsie Evans, Mike F., Theresa Kummerer, AKASlaphappy, ben shultz, Brent Deverman, Charis, Laura Lundy, jeffrey hartnett, John Gillespie, Stijn Hommes, LeighAnne Vanhoozer, Angela Pritchett, Evan Eyster, Luke E., Korey Heinen, Jack Jenkins, Grace Green, Joshua Marin, Angela Pumarada, Cydney Smith, Balazs Kosaras, Sarah, Frank Cernik, Jay Towslee, Carlos Asuncion, JB3, Abby Witherell, Luke knight, John Burns, Jennifer Collins, Erich Sheogorath, Tomáš Denemark, Victor A Eichhorn, Aimee Yermish, Breanna Gallagher, Tory, Stephanie Osta-Burman, Robert Elston, Jonathan Edwards, Harlee Quinn, Marc Taylor, Danielle Greene, H J, Andrew Heley, William D, Cindy Kommerkamp, Jo Summers, Dan Canzonieri, Dana Laskowski, Holly Humphrey, Beth Krumholz, dean siewert, Beth Domann, Helena Chestnut, Steffen Heise, Soo Kuan, sunzhengquan, Catherine Brown, Jessica Kilgore, Christine Mark, William Hall, Leela Aniela Giannasi, Leann Johnson, Sarah Lynn Chen, Roger tjosås, Yonatan Sion, David Archer, Timothy Wong, Mike Newton, Bill Reuther, Christine V, Dan Sugalski, Michael Wick, Tristan Colson, Dwight Bishop, Siddharth Pulpa, Joel Rahn, Shaheena Khan, Korchy, Kristopher Stein, Nannaya Jampala, Patrick Fletcher, SgtSagara, Diane Coombs, Lee Waters, Juurd Ketting, Flint, Jayme Mc Leish, Amelia McLearan Hite, Jasmine Leong, Helen Luan, Liam Williams, Tyler Chorneyko, and Kit Wickliff. You guys are awesome!

Crazy Dumplings Over 200% funded, over 300 backers!

Crazy Dumplings Over 200% funded, over 300 backers!

final weekWe have a little over a week left in the campaign, but we zoomed past 200% funded and just passed 300 backers! This is just amazing. There is typically a big jump in the last week, so I am anxious to see just how high this will go.

I’m only sorry I don’t have any official stretch goals. I know stretch goals are a fun part of Kickstarter, but for a project like this, I wasn’t sure what to do that would emphasize the dumplings. However, we will have many more dumplings than originally planned. I didn’t expect to have more than 20 backer-submitted recipe ideas, but we have almost 40 contributors who qualify to submit recipe ideas (check out the Peking duck dumplings and the Thai peanut stir fry dumplings), and several of them are interested in submitting several ideas. Add that to the 50 ideas I already have, this book could be twice as long as originally intended. Can you imagine a hundred dumpling recipes? That is crazy! But that is just how versatile the dumpling wrapper is. Stay tuned for another backer-submitted recipe this week. I also have my sister-in-law working on an experiment to help make dumpling preparation faster and easier. So stay tuned for the results of that.

Finally, I need to give thanks and shout outs to all of our new backers! Special thanks to Randi Breivik, Alison Benowitz, Anna Carmona, Kristy, Toyon Wiggs, Phyr, Carl Coates, Aleta, Elisabeth Allen, Erica, Kevin McBride, Monkey King 42, Sam White, Mike Pruente, Carla, Jonathan Turpie, Rob Steinberger, John, Helen, Gaston Prudon, Stephanie Gonzales, Maureen Vaughan, Marcus Law, Travis J. Hansen, Andreas Burman, Sarah L Green, Laurin, Jacob Thomas Burley, Steelakira, Justin Baldock, Scott VanHoogstraat, Christopher Cass, Steven Proctor, Brian McMurrer, Luke Otlang, Michael Hughes-Narborough, Hannah Lee, Karen Barnard, Florian Tischner, Shirley Tseng, Sarah, Lizzie Hudson, Heather Whittaker, Kathleen Doerr, Anne O’Hehir, Joseph Seliga, Jesse Worsham, William Collins, Rene’ Hjorth, John Gulezian, Hans Kalldal, Tom Wardill, Kalkail, Eileen LaBoone, Kate Scott, Cambear, Aaron White, Donna Nutter, Deirdre Morrison, Natalia, Todd Montgomery, Angela Chatha, Mark Henderson, Juan Verdickt, stephen malakoff, Angela Green, Sean Spencer, James Tinsley, Xphile, Erin Gottlieb, Michael, Neil Graham, Karla Darrell, Tyler Kraft, Capn Frank, Carol Schutte, Michael Brand, Amy Pfeffer Bolla, J David Warren, Amber Ellis, Arimenthe, Zita Haglund, Keith Solomon, Jessica Wright, Maroula, Steve Yao, scott homann, Margaret St. John, Robert Rauch, Amy Hart, Dennis Devine, henrik piironen, Rilla Websdale, Michael Armey, Robert Gunn, Josh Blixt, Adam Zaki, Peter Gokey, Bryce Oxley, and Gareth Shelton!

I am excited to see what the last week of the campaign will bring. Help me out by sharing Crazy Dumplings on Facebook and Twitter!

Vegetarian Thai Peanut Stir Fry Dumplings

Vegetarian Thai Peanut Stir Fry Dumplings

fbb567ef4ac6988e1d8252c098d8c1b5_largeThese were made for Kickstarter backer Jay Haney, who wanted something peanutty and vegetarian. My husband declared them “pretty good for vegetarian.” This recipe is really versatile. You can use whatever veggies you like; the ones listed here are just examples. You could even use frozen mixed vegetables and just mash them or chop them up smaller after they cook. All the ingredients have to be chopped up really small to go into the dumpling wrapper. This recipe also has a kick thanks to the chili garlic sauce. If you can’t find chili garlic sauce or don’t want it spicy, you can leave it out.

Vegetarian Thai Peanut Stir Fry Dumplings

½ cup vegetable broth
1 tbsp cornstarch
¼ cup peanut butter
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp powdered ginger
1 tbsp chili garlic sauce
2 tbsp vegetable oil
½ cup water
2 cloves garlic, pressed
2 cups chopped vegetables (onion, broccoli florets, carrots, peas, mushrooms, eggplant)
12 dumpling wrappers

  1. In a sauce pan, whisk cornstarch into vegetable broth. Add peanut butter, soy sauce, honey, brown sugar, sesame oil, ginger, and chili garlic sauce and mix well.
  2. Bring sauce to a boil over medium heat, stirring continuously. Lower heat to low and keep stirring until sauce thickens. Set aside.
  3. In a wok, heat vegetable oil on medium heat. Add vegetables and water and cover. Let veggies steam until veggies are tender, about 5 minutes.
  4. Mix cooked veggies and half of the sauce mixture together in a bowl.
  5. Rinse out the wok so you can use it to fry the dumplings.
  6. Spoon veggie mixture into dumpling wrappers and pinch closed.
  7. To fry dumplings, preheat oil for 30 second on high heat, then lower heat to medium. Cook dumplings on each side for about 3 minutes or until golden brown.
  8. Serve hot with remaining sauce mixture.

We are in countdown mode on the Crazy Dumplings campaign now, only 13 days left! So jump over to Kickstarter and support me if you haven’t yet. 

Crazy Dumplings gets 200 backers, 0ver 150% funded so far

Crazy Dumplings gets 200 backers, 0ver 150% funded so far

Peking Duck Dumplings

We had amazing second week! Crazy Dumplings now has over 200 backers and has raised over $4,500, over 150% of our initial goal! We are heading into week 3, which is always a rough patch for almost all Kickstarter projects. The initial excitement has worn off and there is a lull before the final sense of urgency kicks in for week 4. But that’s ok, I have a lot of plans this week to keep generating buzz. I am working on getting a feature in the local paper, I’ll be doing some guest blog posts, and I’ll be making lots of dumplings! Everyone who backs at the $40 level or more gets to submit their own dumpling idea. Some backers have already submitted their ideas, so I have been testing those out. Backer James McKendrew really wanted to see some duck dumplings in the book, so I made some Peking duck dumplings last night. They are really good and are a huge hit at work today! You can check out the Peking duck dumpling recipe here. 

Of course, none of this would be possible without my amazing backers! Since my last update, we have had about 70 new backers join in on the Crazy Dumplings craze! They are James, Geoff Peterson, Zach B., Mig Carbonell, Annie C, Jason Reid, Lee Rushworth, Stacy Behrens, Stephenie Cheng-LaBoyne, Chad and Maddie Essman, Matt Zaba, Carlos Diez-Gil Romero, Jonathon Powell, Kelly DeSando, Michael Michelini, Chris Edwards, Louise, Guy DeWardener, Katie Allen, Ben Keeler, Alexandra Hayes, Kerry Holmes, Coreen Battiato, Justin Poh, Michael Eskowitz, Ryan Handberg, Brian Roberson, David Singer, A Fool’s Fool, Jonas Claumarch, MARGARET SHERMAN, Natasha Bennett, Jon Powell, Jaime Ruiz-Morales, David Lacy, Sayaka Osawa, Lango, Robert Coffey, Matthew Fochs, Candace Fetzer, Paul Sudlow, Jan De Bondt, Mike K, oliver, Kent Keltner, Derek Anderson, Orson Cream, Jennifer Lake, C J Ihre, Lars-Emil Silvstål, Robert Harris, Eileen Hendriksen, Bryce Marley, Patrick Wong, Peter Chamberlain, Angie Doan, Simon Harkins, Stephen Katz, Elizabeth Kranz, Alison, Rebecca Dixon, Peter Warnock, Thierry Corlieto, Stuart Satterfield, Greg Leuch, Tevynn Laws, Nathan Miller, amy, Marc Wydler, and Johnathon Opstad. Thanks so much guys!

Remember that you can get a digital version of the Crazy Dumpling cookbook for only $5.00! And don’t forget to help out by spreading the word. Hopefully I’ll have some more recipes for you soon!

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Crazy Dumplings Reaches Funding Goal in 7 Days!

Crazy Dumplings Reaches Funding Goal in 7 Days!

fully fundedI knew Crazy Dumplings would do much better this time around. Through trial and error, with better pictures, better rewards, and with a bunch of awesome backers from last time still giving me support, I knew we would succeed. My personal goal was to reach the funding goal within two weeks. Even though we have 30 days to succeed, I didn’t want to be scrapping and begging at the last minute to try and reach the goal. But this campaign, oh man, I am still shocked at we reached our goal in only 7 days! I can hardly believe it even as I type this.

So what does that mean? Well, the campaign isn’t over. We still have another 23 days to collect funds and gain new fans. At this point, it isn’t about the money, but about building community and hype so that when the book is ready to officially launch, it can be as successful as possible.

Of course none of this would be possible without my amazing backers! All of you will get credit in the book, but I have to thank you here as well because I can’t express my thanks enough. Thanks to Rauland Asa Libby, gavin phipps, Eleanor Erwin, Clancey Stahr, Lauren Pitz. jory bernstein, Kevin Kolodziej, Anand Patel, Kerri Miller, Joshua Hislop, Karl-Friedrich Lingenfelder, Duncan Stockwell, Tony Shum, Meg Gotshall, Nicholas Volkmar, Dan Cooke, Deborah Schumacher, Chris Erickson, Leona, Nicole Lavallee, Mark Slocum, Delaney Anderson, Thomas, Paul Kuperman, Lenaldo Branco Rocha, Zach Chandhok, Bernard De Santis, Aya, alex chinchilla, Menorah Lord, Matt, Shean Mohammed, Ramin Sabzbalouch, Heather Blandford, Steve Waddell, Richard Fusco, Eric Damon Walters, Scott Loonan, Michael Kroeker, Steve Hanna, liam n, Dane, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Sondre Nilsen, christian wirtz, Kara Finley, Brittany Inglese, David Spaxman, Laura Buschelmann, Jason Tubbs, Christian Kolesa, Conny Paraniak, Richard, Eric Tuennecke, Daniel Haas, Thomas van Os, jack, Tim Parker-Smith, Zachary Bledsoe, Tom Anderson, Amanda Lucas, Andrew Boyd, Jacob Cord, Michael Powell, Rudy Basso, Ryan McCormick Price, Robert McKeagney, Michelle Parrinello-Cason, Carolyn R Brindle, Max, Ann-Marie Amanda Foerster, Michael Otto, Diego Zenizo, Nicholas Graber, Paula Fein, Kay, Brian Scott Weddle, Skadi, Samantha, julie thomas, Stephen Lato, macroidtoe, Jeremy Krantz, Joseph Moyer, Steven Cullity, Aaron Beard, Marijo Yates, Sharon Nissen, eponine72, Paul Novak, Dawn Leipold, Jerry Walter, Marc A Solondz, Prentice Williams, Amber, James McKendrew, Teksterzzz, Angela Efros, Kathy Mayeda, Steven Louie, R0drigo Perez [Mx], Cherith Vaughan, Seth Anderson, Jason Spoerlein, Robert Suizu, Dakkle, Michael Salter, Jennifer C Clark, Sonny Sixkiller, AC, Andrew Sinsbury, Katrina Stillman, Eric Horbinski, Justin Varney, Justin barber, Andrew Eden-Balfour, James Kaucher, Sven Böyng, Michael Gentz, Rob Coke, Joan Schulz, Katharina von Groote, Nova Clarke, Charles Prince, Jay Haney, Aaron Bretveld, Kristine Harwood, Davi Tassinari de Figueiredo, Brad Cook, Kim Dyer, Stefan Winkler, Emma Wisniewski-Barker, Johan Carlsson, Sören Koch, Sinzor, Daniel Lanigan, and Michael de Brujin. That’s everyone so far!

We still have 23 days to go! So if you haven’t backed the project yet, click here to do so. And if you have backed it, you can click below to spread the word!

How to Steep the Perfect Cup of Tea

How to Steep the Perfect Cup of Tea

teaI have been experimenting a lot with tea lately. I found a great tea shop on our last trip to Changsha, so I forced myself to finally learn how to steep tea. I’m still not an expert, but I have been having a lot of fun learning about tea. I don’t think I’m the only expat who moved to the land of tea but didn’t know the first thing about how to steep it myself. So I wrote an article for the Shenzhen Daily about how to steep the perfect cup of tea. I hope you find it useful.

1. It all starts with the water. Never use tap water for your tea. You want to use some kind of filtered, purified or bottled water. The purer the water is, the purer the taste will be from your tea.

2. Decide what kind of tea you will brew. The kind of tea you brew will determine the temperature of the water you use and the steeping time. While there are hundreds of varieties of teas, they generally fall into five categories: black tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea and herbal/flower tea.

For black tea and oolong tea, you will want the water you use to be boiling. For all others, your water will be “short of boiling.” That means to remove it from heat just before it begins to boil or remove it from the heat after it boils and let it cool for 30 seconds before pouring it over your tea. You will also want to figure out the benefits and side effects of the teas you are thinking of trying. Some have caffeine, but some will make you drowsy. Make sure you know what you are getting!

3. Figure out how you will filter your tea out of the water. You don’t want your tealeaves floating freely in your cup for a few reasons. No one wants to eat tealeaves. They might get stuck in your teeth. You can use them to steep several cups of tea. Most people use some kind of basket system for their teas. I use a slotted glass insert in a glass mug. Tea ball diffusers are more common in the West. There are also pots that will filter the tea out as it is poured, but these can be hard to clean and you can’t remove the leaves when they have steeped long enough.

4. Measure your tea. You only need 1-2 teaspoons, or 5-10 grams, of tea for 180 ml of water. This is for a teacup-sized serving. If you are using a mug or making a whole pot, you will need to measure accordingly. Start with one teaspoon the first time. If it isn’t strong enough, you can try using more next time. Place the tea in the basket, diffuser, or teapot.

5. Steeping times. For black, red, and oolong teas, you will have a longer steeping time, as much as 3-5 minutes; but for white, green and herbal teas, you will have a very short steeping time, as little as 30 seconds. Depending on the herbs or fruits in your tea, you might need to steep it longer, as much as two minutes, but better to be understeeped than over. Start with a short amount of time, have a taste, and then steep a little longer. Be sure to save your tealeaves. This is where a basket system or a ball diffuser come in handy. You can usually get 4-5 cups of tea from one ounce of loose tealeaves.

6. Be flexible and willing to fail. Everyone has different tastes. If you don’t like the tea you prepared the first time, try a few variations before you give up. Even then, don’t give up on tea altogether! Keep trying, and you find the right one for you. You can also add honey or milk for different flavor combinations. Relaxing or energizing, Chinese teas in decorative tins make amazing gifts.

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